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Influencer Marketing Campaign Consulting

We craft national and international influencer marketing campaigns. And when we need to localize the campaign we can get as specific as influencers with a large reach in specific cities. Our process is methodical but fluid as a campaign is a living project that has to be modified and adjusted to ensure an optimal outcome. First we identify the brand’s campaign objective whether that is brand awareness and/or driving sales. Then we craft a campaign utilizing current best practices in influencer marketing ensuring the brand’s voice is heard. We select influencers that will make great brand ambassadors. We guide these influencers to create branded content that will engage their dedicated audience with a call to action that produces results. We track the KPIs throughout the campaign to ensure we stay on target and make adjustments to the message and to the influencers as needed to meet the brand’s goals. We work around the clock to deliver for our clients.


Talent Representation and Development


We recruit, develop and work with influencers who have developed a dedicated following who look to them for solutions, inspiration and recommendations in lifestyle, food, health and fitness, fashion, beauty and travel. Brands as well as other agencies hire us to provide influencer talent for their campaigns because we know what it takes for a successful campaign and how to get the most out of influencer participation. We help brands and agencies to identify the best influencers across social media platforms and that are the best match for the brand’s objectives. Whether the influencers are on our current roster or we need to reach beyond, we always find the best collaborations. Our relationship with influencers extends throughout the United States and Internationally specifically in the UK, Australia and Asia.